Action Items

We have two systems that are related to assigning tasks to employees - the quick, easy one is called Action Items. Usually, when you need something small (or even big) done, you might ask or email an employee for them to take care of it. This usually works great, but sometimes things can slip through the cracks and accountability can be unaccounted for.

With our ACTION ITEMS, you simply write up what needs to be done, choose a due date, and then assign it to the employee of your choice. This OPEN action item will stay that way on the person’s site until they change the status to COMPLETED – a discussion thread is kept in regards to information back and forth if necessary. Every morning, an email is sent to people with OPEN action items reminding them of the details and the due date.

Action items can also be assigned or emailed to others when needed. The only person that will be able to “CLOSE” the item will be the one that initially started it. This way, nothing is ever lost or forgotten – it’s all kept in one place for quick review. It’s a great way to send a dozen or more little tasks to employees you need to utilize. You can easily view all the tasks you assign and it’s another way to keep things out of everyone’s cluttered inbox. If the philosophy of this system is adopted, it’ll be easy to know what people are working on and when you can expect it to be done. Employees can also post time spent for each update they make allowing you to recognize someone’s progress or efficiency.