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OfficeDaily provides the digital headquarters you need to keep your employees informed, engaged and truly connected to your company culture.


Instead of using email to communicate news and events and several different sites and logins to do daily office tasks, OfficeDaily offers one central site for all these tasks, and more.

  • News
  • Time Off
  • Expense Reports
  • Tech Help
  • Document Storage
  • Forms & Surveys
  • Employee Directory & Profiles
  • Holiday Schedule
  • Calendar of Events
  • Chat
  • In/Out Board
  • Employee Training
  • And much, much more

Simply put, OfficeDaily is packed full of features that can help any organization create a workplace and culture that is more informed, connected, empowered, productive and engaged.

What can OfficeDaily do for you...


Increase efficiency and establish a central hub for all your company's needs with Document Storage, Interactive Forms, Internal Policies


Eliminate ambiguity and strengthen communications and culture with company News, Staff Recognition, Brainstorming, and Rewards Program


Streamline management and daily functions with Time-Off Requests, Tech Requests, Expense Reports, Purchase Requests, Training Program, and Reviews


Stimulate interaction and productivity between your offices and staff with Staff Directory, Chat, In/Out Board, and Texting

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Use only the features you need and easily add more as your business needs grow. Best of all, it's easy to have your new digital workplace up and running in less than an hour without employee training.

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What Clients Say

  • Jim Mills, Operations Manager, VOLPI USA

    We started to use the system as just an informational site, company news and such… It has now grown well past our expectations. We are using to track time off, expense reports and much more. The individual care we get from OfficeDaily is second to none.

  • Lisa Gotsis, COO Roc City Smiles

    We have three OfficeDaily sites and I am amazed at how much value it has added to our practices in regards to efficiency! Office Daily has allowed what used to be multiple platforms and logins for our employees to be consolidated into one. The sites help us stay on top of licensing and certifications for employees, sending reminders so we have plenty of time to take action. We use the work schedule system to schedule employees across five locations, the purchase request system to handle all ordering from dental supplies to office supplies, and the tech request system to organize computer issues, dental equipment repairs, and building maintenance. We have been able to create over 25 forms with custom routing and approvals to capture employee training sign-offs, incident reports, and insurance verification. OfficeDaily has allowed us to become more efficient and connect with our employees on a daily basis. Thanks OfficeDaily!

  • Dr. Amy Perry-DelCorvo, CEO NYSCATE

    OfficeDaily has dramatically improved our communication and streamlined many processes...I give them a high recommend.

  • Mai Ho, Department of Recreation and Human Services

    OfficeDaily has been a resourceful communication tool for our department. Because of OfficeDaily, our department is now able to share pictures and write comments for each bureau program that are offsite and no longer work in silos. In addition, the software provides us with work efficiencies to be able to create templates for contracts, communication, and training requests from staff. The ability to customize templates and create surveys is another reason the software is great! I would recommend any organization who would like to improve communication and efficiencies in their workplace to try this software.

  • Chris Smith, Director of Technology, Bath Central School District

    OfficeDaily has provided us with an interoperable platform with tremendous growth potential in these areas and the folks there have been tremendous to work with.

  • Joanna Jewett, Arc of Onondaga

    Maintaining consistent communication with a staff of nearly 500 - located in various sites around the county - was a challenge. We were looking for a way to not only improve communication, but our culture and connectedness, too. OfficeDaily has allowed us to do all of this. After nearly a year, I think we have figured out how to integrate all the components our site offers and make it a one-stop resource for employees. Not only does our site house all of our agency forms, policies, and documents, it allows us to spotlight our employees, and promote upcoming events and opportunities. We’ve made the News section accessible and “folksy.” We host contests from time to time to give employees the chance to win as they learn how to integrate using the site into their daily routines. Thanks to the support we receive from the support team, it has allowed us to take some very big steps forward as an organization.

  • Karissa Hefferon, Mozaic

    OfficeDaily has provided us with a "one-stop-shop" for the employees of Mozaic. Being an organization that spans across 3, soon to be 4, counties and employing over 500 staff OfficeDaily has allowed us to keep all staff up to date on things going on in the organization, have easy access to much-needed documents, and keeps the community of Mozaic just that, a community. Anytime I have a question or even need something created that maybe is not yet offered, the staff at OfficeDaily are always friendly, accommodating, and respond quickly. I highly recommend them for your staff website needs!

  • Pete Jobling, President Swagelok Western New York

    We feel OfficeDaily is truly unique to our business and what our associates want and need to see each day. Their team is fantastic to work with.

  • Virginia G.

    OfficeDaily has really helped shape up our internal communications as an agency. We used email and word of mouth to pass on time sensitive and relevant information that many times didn’t get to staff who needed it. Our organization operates 24/7 and communication is key. OfficeDaily has given us the tools to communicate with our staff consistently, and in a format they find accessible and easy to use. The mobile feature really helps us stay in touch with everyone, at all times of the day! Thank you OfficeDaily for helping us bridge the gap and give us the opportunity to communicate with everyone.

  • Rose Townsend, Vice President of Technology, Erie Materials Inc.

    With close to 400 employees, we needed an easy but powerful expense report system to help us organize the nearly 1,000 expense reports submitted each year. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how easy and accommodating the system has been for us. In addition to expense reports, we can use the site to communicate with all our employees, even the employees that don’t have a company issued email. We recently came to the OfficeDaily team with an idea to create a training system and were able to work with them to create an extensive training system. The OfficeDaily team has been extremely responsive to our needs, I recommend them without hesitation.


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